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Endorsements and Testimonials

“Your true identity is hidden away in God, and He will reveal it to you when you’re ‘one with him in his glory’. That place is His presence and He invites us to remain there.”  - To The Thirsty


There are many books being written and published today.  So many of them are simply the result of an author with a golden pen and a talent for writing.  While Kim Patterson has exhibited literary talent, this book isn’t birthed out of just talent or the creative mind of the writer.  It is evident that Kim has experienced the touch of the One who’s Name is the Word of God.  She has not only had a powerful ongoing experience in Christ, but she has been gifted of God to be able to express that in a literary way that makes it clear to the reader how they can come to the same place in God that will give them their own story.  Do yourself a favor and read this book and then pass it on to a friend and they will thank you for it.

Intimacy with the Father is essential to knowing and understanding who you are in Him. As you journey through this book, Ms. Patterson shares insight into a deeper relationship with God. If you desire the presence of God in your life, at a level that you’ve never experienced before, this book is for you. As you read page after page of this book, allow the Holy Spirit to minister and lead you to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.


I had to apologize to Kim. It was in a small group at church when I was introduced to her. She had just completed a manuscript and wondered what the next step would be. It was a divine appointment. Consenting to read her work, I assumed her spiritual position/level. By the time I had gotten to the middle of the book I saw, Kim has spiritual depth I seldom see. I was wowed by the text and her understanding of digging a spiritual well. In our day, we need others who can help us enter the living waters, and live a life in the Holy Spirit. After reading her manuscript, I mused, how can the church multiply her discovery and her deep experience in the Holy Spirit. It is the readers of the book who will benefit.

Isaiah 55:8 says that God’s thoughts and God’s ways are not like ours. Kim Patterson’s book shares with us her discovery of God’s spiritual life, what she learned firsthand, and how it changed her life.  Let her experience help you become spiritually alive in Christ.

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